To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great respect and appreciation that I write this letter of support for Deborah Gordon. I have had the extreme fortune of knowing Deborah for the past four years. During this time, we have connected on both a professional and personal level and each interaction has always left me inspired, armed with knowledge, and ready to get to work with an improved, actionable strategy that will ultimately allow me to better execute my overall goals.

Not being a “numbers person”, the process of starting this work was intimidating and completely outside of my comfort zone. Deborah always met me where I was at but then also made sure we never got stuck there. In each layer of the process the necessary information and tools were always provided which then brought understanding and the confidence to move forward. This process continued until our established outcome was achieved. In hindsight, it was truly her one-of-a-kind “Strategy by Design” coming to life.

At the conclusion of the first phase of our project I, only-half jokingly, asked if she would sign a diploma for me so I could display it in my office. Though I will always proudly share that I am a graduate of “The Deborah Gordon School”, I share this to express the amount of knowledge I obtained through this process. Our work has empowered me with a new level of confidence that allows me to not only “hold my own” in situations that I would’ve previously avoided but, more importantly, actually understand and add value.

I don’t know that words on a page can adequately express the positive impact of our work. Together, we established an actionable system and process that has forever changed the way in which I think and ultimately lead my organization. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Deborah and strongly recommend her services; she truly has a gift!


Jo Jo Carcioppolo

If you are a start-up or in need of refining a competitive, sustainable direction for your organization or entrepreneurial venture, it would be wise to consult with GSG.

The founder and lead principal offers years of strategic thought leadership that helps one objectively review and establish work flow, operationalize processes or map out continuous improvement strategies that document and standardize operations.

I personally witnessed her skills at work in taking a new initiative and providing the structure needed to achieve a successful launch that without her leadership would not have happened within the desired time frame to meet funding deadlines.

Such a needed service!

Dr. Jacquelyne Elise Bailey